Jiuzhaigou national park: simply stunning

22 to 23 May 2017 There aren’t many places that take my breath away, but Jiuzhaigou (Nine Villages Vallley) national park is definitely one of them. Over the two days I spent there, I was in a continual state of awe at each stunning lake, waterfall and mountain view.

Jiuzhaigou: natural paradise with a side of Vegas

21 to 25 May 2017 Leaving the heat and history of Beijing behind, it was time for a few days in the natural beauty of northern Sichuan province. It was a refreshing change to go from 35 degree heat to around 15 degrees as we stepped off our direct flight at Huanglong airport, which sits…

Back to Beijing

18 to 28 May 2017 My last trip to Beijing was just coming into winter and it was definitely coat weather. What a change it was returning to Beijing in May to high temperatures and sunshine!

A long weekend and a longer drive to Zhejiang province

May 1st is Chinese Labor Day, which meant a long weekend and an opportunity to get out of the city for a break! I decided to book a fairly last minute trip with a travel company (Traveller’s Society) to Zhejiang province for a weekend of hiking and mountain biking through rice terraces. The original itinerary…

Shanghai life: my new normal

I’m coming up to 8 months in Shanghai now, and my threshold for “normal” has shifted a bit since living here. Here are some of my observations and experiences to date…

Okinawa – a quick dive getaway!

In March I was beginning to tire of what seemed like constantly grey smoggy skies and cold weather in Shanghai, and the ocean was calling to me. I had an opportunity for a 4 day weekend, looked at a map to check out the closest options for diving, and booked my ticket for a sneaky…

Shanghai life: food and drinks!

After several months living in Shanghai, I am gradually adapting to my new lifestyle and new home. I’m working longer hours than ever before, but also enjoying life outside of work a great deal!

Ninghai hikes and hot springs

Many travel companies offer weekend getaways from Shanghai, but they often involve a very intense itinerary, with overnight trains and a rushed sightseeing tour. However one advertised trip to Ninghai appealed to me with a combination of hiking and hot springs!

A cool Chinese New Year in Japan

With Chinese New Year came a week off work and a great opportunity to avoid the crowds in China by escaping to Japan! I also managed to convince my brothers and some Aussie friends to meet me there for a week of skiing 🙂