Shanghai life: food and drinks!

After several months living in Shanghai, I am gradually adapting to my new lifestyle and new home. I’m working longer hours than ever before, but also enjoying life outside of work a great deal!

My life does seem to revolve around food and drink, and I’m thoroughly enjoying the range that Shanghai has to offer. From dirt cheap  but delicious street food, to high class cocktails on a rooftop terrace, there is no shortage of options here.
Highlights have included several food walking tours, a luxurious high tea at the Fairmont Peace Hotel along with ballroom dancing, a spicy Sichuan hotpot and many many (many) cocktails and drinks.
I couldn’t possibly blog about food in Shanghai without mentioning my real life Willy Wonka chocolate factory experience: unlimited chocolate tastings, liqueur infused chocolate on tap, a hot chocolate bar and a DIY chocolate-making bar at Zotter Chocolate factory. And to top it off, this experience was complemented by wine tasting! What a day it was 🙂
Shanghai is a revolving door of food and beverage businesses. Places come and go rapidly, and there’s always a new place to check out. I’m excited to keep exploring and sampling all the good food and drinks Shanghai has to offer. The trouble will be to keep my waistline in check during my 3 year posting!

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