My earrings

I have never been a big wearer of jewellery. Necklaces get tangled, bracelets are uncomfortable and rings often get in the way. But ever since getting my ears pierced at 12 I have loved earrings! At 17, as a mild act of rebellion upon graduating from my very strict school which allowed girls to have only one hole per ear and wear only plain stud or sleeper earrings, I got a second hole in each ear and began building my earring collection.

I love exploring the globe and adorning my lobes by purchasing a new pair of earrings in each country or place I visit. To me they are much nicer souvenirs than fridge magnets or other knick knacks, and ones that I will continue to use frequently on returning home.

Below is my collection to date:


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Callie says:

    These are beautiful! Love this idea!


  2. tanya says:

    love those panama earrings! tanx


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