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the Full Flickr photostream

or the following albums by country:

Hawaii — San Diego — Cuba — Mexico — Guatemala — El Salvador — NicaraguaCosta RicaPanama — California — BaliDubaiNetherlandsBelgiumFrance (Burgundy, Alsace, Lorraine) — LuxembourgSwitzerlandIrelandParis ChauvignyGermany — KomodoNingalooShanghai lifeHong Kong China domestic travelJapan 

You can also see the grand adventures of one Mr Anzac Bear (affectionately known as Zac) who was a gift from a good friend before I left on a big European trip in 2006. And yes, I know koalas aren’t bears! The name just stuck for some reason. Zac was photographed at many amazing sites in many amazing cities, and upon returning home, featured in his very own photo book! Zac has now come out of hibernation and will be continuing his photo-journey of the world in 2015.

Check out Zac’s Flickr album here!

IMG_0167 Collage



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