Christmas in Hong Kong

With limited time over Christmas, a weekend to Hong Kong seemed like a much better option for a mini-break than going back to Australia. And what a Christmas it was!  Advertisements

Paris: beautiful one moment, hailing the next

Paris: Saturday 12 to Tuesday 15 September From Irish whiskey back to French wine… and cheese… mmmm. After the pleasant surprise of blue skies in Ireland, I stumbled upon another weather surprise in Paris: the sheer variability of it! Our three days in Paris were spent in equal parts wandering through rain showers, having umbrellas blow inside out,…

Geneva: the cheese saga continues

Geneva: Friday 4 to Monday 7 September 2015 I never thought I would say it. I never thought it was possible. But after two fondues and a raclette within two days in Geneva (on top of all the cheese I had devoured in France), I found myself… *gasp* sick of cheese.

Wine and cheese in France, stage 2

Zellwiller and the Alsace region: 28 August to 1 September 2015 I was somewhat disappointed that during my four days in the Alsace region, I did not come across a single Alsatian dog. I did, however, come across plenty of Alsatian wine, cheese and other delightful culinary treats!

Wine and cheese in France, stage one

Dijon and the Burgundy region: 24 to 28 August 2015 When deciding my trip itinerary, my plans for France didn’t go far beyond: – meet Mum in Dijon – hire a car (and survive driving on the wrong side of the road) – eat cheese – drink wine. Thankfully I managed to achieve all the…

Rainy days in Amsterdam!

Sunday 16 August to Thursday 20 August I was curious whether Amsterdam would reflect the image I had in my head, which consisted of crazy Dutch people flying by on bicycles, drugs and prostitutes at every corner, and gardens filled with tulips. After four nights there, I had learnt that: – there were far more…

Birthday week celebrations at Lago Atitlan

With a lovely new home, a VERY early morning hike, much food, several birthday activities and daily Spanish classes, our second week in San Pedro la Laguna passed quickly!