Okinawa – a quick dive getaway!

In March I was beginning to tire of what seemed like constantly grey smoggy skies and cold weather in Shanghai, and the ocean was calling to me. I had an opportunity for a 4 day weekend, looked at a map to check out the closest options for diving, and booked my ticket for a sneaky…

Ningaloo dreaming

25 July to 5 August 2016 I took advantage of my last few weeks in Australia before my posting to China to get back to nature and enjoy the amazing WA coastline! I stretched my annual leave to its very limit and decided to take two weeks to do a road-trip to Coral Bay and…

Komodo liveaboard life

1 to 9 April, 2016 After several months back in Australia my travelling feet were starting to itch again and the beautiful waters of Komodo national park were beckoning.

On the road again! Sun, fun and diving in Bali…

After a lovely couple of months catching up with friends and family back in Perth, I hit the travel path again for a short jaunt to Bali in Indonesia. I had always somehow avoided joining the plague of Western Australians who flock to Bali each year, but the lure of cheap flights, accommodation and diving…

Panama! (Ain’t nothing like it)

So turns out the Van Halen song is actually about a car (or sex and a car) rather than the country, but nevertheless it was running through my head as I crossed the bridge from Costa Rica into Panama, and made several features on the hostel’s playlist during my time there!

Underwater adventures on Little Corn

I’ve always been somewhat of a water baby and have wanted to try scuba diving for a long time. The time and expense involved in doing it in Australia meant that I kept delaying… But the beautiful tropical waters around Little Corn and the cheapness of Central America presented the perfect opportunity to learn!

Caribbean escape: the Corn Islands

Ten days of sun, white sand beaches, beautiful blue water, fresh coconuts, lobster, cocktails, snorkelling, scuba diving and a very chilled vibe…. ahhhh, bliss!